Flu Vaccine (In-clinic)
Flu Vaccine (In-clinic)
By: DA Clinic
Service Overview
This vaccine immunizes you against infections caused by the influenza virus. Vaccine: Generic Influenza 4 strains Provides cover for seasonal Influenza A and B strains.
Service Description

Recommended For: 

  • Elderly aged 65 years old and above 
  • Children aged 5 years old and below 
  • People with low immunity (e.g. under cancer treatment, those with HIV) 
  • Healthcare workers 

Dosage Information:
This vaccination contains 1 dose. It is recommended to have this vaccination every year. 

This vaccination is not recommended if you experienced fever symptoms 3 days prior to your appointment. 

Clinic Locations:  

CHAS / Medisave Eligibility: 

  • DA Clinic Group is participatory clinics under the CHAS scheme to provide subsidies for your medical treatment. 
  • Please present your CHAS/Pioneer Generation card and NRIC upon registration. 
  • You will need to first pay for the service via marketplace. Refund will be processed upon receiving the reimbursed amount through the ministry of health care portal (MHCP). 

What happens after you book:  

  • You will receive an email link for appointment scheduling. Please select your preferred date and time at your choice of clinic location.  
  • Head down to the choice of clinic at the selected timeslot!