Zero2.5, Smart IoT Faux Orchid Air Ioniser AP6300
Zero2.5, Smart IoT Faux Orchid Air Ioniser AP6300
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Zero2.5 is on a mission to deliver Sustainable Clean Air Technology Solutions in indoor spaces to ensure that the air quality in these spaces outperforms the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO”) Global Air Quality PM2.5 annual mean target of 5µg/m3. Everyone should have the chance to enjoy healthy air quality in their home and workplace. Our Patented Sustainable Clean Air Technology Solutions can effectively improve Indoor Air Quality ("IAQ") in enclosed spaces, and also help to mitigate the spread of infectious airborne viruses at the same time. We are able to achieve this by passing a modest 3W of power to the coco natural fibre incorporated into our Air Ionisers, so as to emit a high concentration of Negative Air Ions in indoor spaces which will then remove the airborne pollutants. The eventual outcome is cleaner and fresher air with PM2.5 levels that comply with WHO's global air quality standards. This will greatly boost the wellness quotient of everyone interacting in the indoor environments where our Zero2.5 Air Ionisers are deployed. - Monitor Indoor Air Quality (“IAQ”) data on your smart phone in real-time – Possibly the most beautiful Air Ioniser in the world that is able to measure IAQ data instantly and empowers you with key information on the air quality in your home or work space. It also functions as a natural fibre Air Ioniser to clean the air at the same time! - Purify the air with the iconic Zero2.5 Natural Fibre Air Ioniser - a World’s first! - Quiet, compact and portable design that delivers clean air closer to you - Green & Sustainable - Low Power Consumption of less than 5W
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