Domestic Helper (Maid) 2-Yearly Screening (In-clinic)
Domestic Helper (Maid) 2-Yearly Screening (In-clinic)
By: DA Clinic
Service Overview
This screening tests for pregnancy and syphilis and includes a medical examination to check if you are physically and mentally fit to work. This package covers: - Syphilis Screen (VDRL) - Pregnancy Screen (bHCG) - HIV - Chest X-Ray What happens after you book: Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a link for appointment scheduling within the purchase receipt. Please select your preferred date and time at your choice of clinic location. Head down to the choice of clinic at the selected timeslot!
Service Description


  • Kindly refer to your helper's 6ME MOM letter to select the correct screening package. Please only purchase this service after receiving the MOM notification letter and select an appointment date at least 14 days before the submission deadline as stated on your helper's 6ME form. 
  • Once purchased, an email with a booking link will be sent to you within 1 working day. Please select your preferred location, date and time accordingly. 
  • Our clinic team will submit the lab/imaging reports to the MOM portal within 14 days upon completion of the screening. 
  • Once your helper's report has been submitted via the MOM portal, our clinic team will notify you via SMS regarding the submission status and report collection in-clinic. 
  • Reschedule of appointment is only allowed up to 2 working days before the scheduled appointment date. 
  • If Chest X-ray** / TB Screening is required: During screening day, our clinic team will prepare an imaging form for you helper to have her imaging scan done at our external imaging centre/partners. Our clinic will receive the X-ray reports directly from our imaging partners within 10 days.
    Note: (**) - Available at a partner imaging centre, our clinic staff will assist with appointment booking during your clinic visit 

Clinic Locations: 

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Recommended For:
Mandatory screening for domestic helpers every 2 years.  

Pre-screening Preparations:
This package is not recommended if you experienced fever symptoms 3 days prior to your appointment.

Please remind your helper to bring along:
1. Work Permit Card
2. MOM Form
3. Screenshot Confirmation Email (Please note that helper will be asked to make payment if screenshot is not provided)