DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) Single Booster Vaccine (In-clinic) (CHAS Scheme Applicable)
DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) Single Booster Vaccine (In-clinic) (CHAS Scheme Applicable)
By: DA Clinic
Service Overview
The DTP vaccine, also known as the DTaP or Tdap vaccine, is a combination vaccine that protects against three different diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (whooping cough). The vaccine contains small amounts of inactivated or weakened forms of the bacteria that cause these diseases. The DTP vaccine is typically given in a series of five doses, with the first three doses administered during infancy and early childhood. A fourth dose is given between 15-18 months of age, and a fifth dose is given between 4-6 years of age. A single booster shot is recommended for adolescents and adults, usually in the form of the Tdap vaccine, which also provides protection against pertussis. The booster shot is recommended every 10 years to maintain immunity. The DTP vaccine is highly effective in preventing diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, which can cause serious illness, disability, and even death. It is an important part of routine childhood and adult immunization schedules. Subsidised Vaccinations: CHAS subsidies are available for this vaccine administered at any DA Clinic.
Service Description

Important Information

  • After you have completed check out, you’ll receive a booking link via email to schedule your vaccination appointment at your nearest DA Clinic.
  • A Doctor Anywhere (DA) staff will contact you within two working days to confirm your vaccination appointment. If you do not hear from us after two working days, please call +65 3158 4622 or email support@doctoranywhere.com
  • After your appointment has been confirmed, please note that there will be no refunds for cancellation, nor rescheduling of appointments within 24 hours of your confirmed test date. Please refer to our Refund & Cancellation Policy here.

About the Vaccine

  • This vaccine contains 1 dose. It is recommended to have nooster short every 10 years.
  • This vaccination is not recommended if you experienced fever symptoms 3 days prior to your appointment.

CHAS Subsidies

  • CHAS-subsidies are available for eligible Singaporean adults at any DA Clinic, click here for details
  • Note: To qualify for the subsidised rate, please present your CHAS card when you attend your appointment at the clinic. The standard rate will apply if you do not have the necessary card or fail to present it.
  • Eligibility for CHAS subsidies apply: 
    • Valid CHAS/Pioneer/Merdeka Generation Card 
    • You must have never received the Pneumoccocal vaccine before
    • Age and condition criteria 
      • Elderly aged 65 years old and above
      • Adults below 65 years old with specific medical conditions or indications such as heart disease or diabetes, or low immunity (e.g. under cancer treatment, those with HIV)
  • MediSave can also be used to offset the remaining cost of Pneumococcal Vaccinations for eligible Singaporeans (Citizens and Permanent Residents). Up to $500/$700 per year per account can be used to pay for pneumococcal vaccinations for those in high-risk groups as indicated above.

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